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Alopecia Awareness- Danielle’s Story

15 Sep '16


At the age of 5 my daughter Danielle began losing her hair. At first I noticed small spot and then eventually it started coming out in clumps. We went to the doctor because at that point we were really scared, her dad and I thought it was lupus, but after testing the doctor determined it was Alopecia Areata Totalis. We went to see the dermatologist and she confirmed what the primary care said. She then proceeded to explain the disease to me. I noticed the change at the start of May and by the end of May my daughter was totally bald. We started using the cream the doctor prescribed and was still very worried but of course we had to give the cream a chance to work. Danielle was so nervous about going to school and what her friends would say, but after I learned about the disease I was able to explain to the teacher and her class all about the disease. Her confidence returned. The dermatologist suggested we try Locks of Love to get a hairpiece and thank GOD we did. Since receiving her hairpiece she has become even more confident! What my daughter went through because of this disease I would not want to see any other child going through it. I hope the research will continue for Alopecia and how to prevent it.

Thank you to  everyone at Locks of Love for all your help!

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