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Alopecia Awareness- Eliana’s Story

09 Sep '16


Alopecia has been an unexpected journey for our family.  My 17 year old daughter, Eliana, lost her hair over a 6 month period about 9 months ago.  At first we were not concerned that her hair seemed to be on her clothes or around the house, until we noticed how thin her hair was.  We went to a dermatologist who told us that Eliana had Alopecia and that doctors don’t know why it happens, and don’t have a cure.  She said sometimes the hair grows back and sometimes not.  Needless to say, this has been a very difficult experience for Eliana. However, the bright spot in this challenge has been Locks of Love!  Eliana had donated her hair to Locks of Love as a child, never expecting that one day she would benefit from their kindness.  We applied for a wig, first they sent a temporary one while they created a custom made wig to fit Eliana’s head.  Not only that, but they also flew Eliana and I to Florida from Oregon so that we could spend several days with other teen girls and parents who have also faced Alopecia.  I am so grateful to Locks of Love and their amazing generosity. They have made this journey infinitely more bearable!



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