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Alopecia Awareness- Elise’s Story

27 Sep '16


Alopecia can be devastating to unsuspecting families. Our daughter, Elise, began losing her hair at the age of 3.   It started with a very small spot on the top of her head.   Then one spot led to multiple spots until her hair aggressively came out by the handfuls.  Eventually there were no more handfuls.  The next day there was not a strand left on her head.   As her mother, I cried more than she did, desperate to be able to brush her hair again or tie bows in her pigtails.

Locks of Love stood  by us.  They provided us a temporary synthetic and two prosthetic hairpieces over the next several years.  They also helped us by providing skilled references in our area that assisted us the second time with the molding process.  We have a whole new appreciation for the time and love that goes into making these prosthetic hairpieces.

Our family and friends have been donating to Locks of Love for many years and we continue to encourage those that have hair to donate it to those who have lost their hair to a disease or medical treatment.

Elise is so thankful and has become a much stronger person because of her condition. She has hopes that one day her hair will come back so that she can give what grows out to Locks of Love to share with those in need too.

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