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Moriah’s Story

28 Oct '15



Hello, my name is Moriah. I was diagnosed with alopecia at 4 years of age. As I came into my teen years, I heard about Locks of Love and saw pictures of the incredible hair pieces they give to children like me. I applied for my first hairpiece at the age of 13 and my best friend, who had never had her hair cut, donated 13 inches for me and Locks of Love incorporated it into my hair piece!! They have always gone above and beyond to make their recipients feel more than just a special girl who doesn’t have any hair, but like a normal young lady who wants her hair to accent the beauty that’s within her. Locks of Love has been an invaluable resource for so many people and I will forever be grateful to them and to those who have and will donate! Know that you’re not just sending in a ponytail, you’re making a way for healing to happen and confidence to grow! Thank you so much!

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