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Locks of Love receives yet another 4-star rating!

09 Mar '18

We are very proud to announce our newest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator!  Only 21% of charities evaluated receive at least 3 or more consecutive 4-star ratings, indicating Locks of Love outperforms most other charities in America by adhering to sector best practices and executing our mission in a financially efficient way.  This exceptional designation sets LOL apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public our trustworthiness.  Charity Navigator requires 7 years of 990 forms for an organization to complete an evaluation.  Their ratings are based on an organizations’ financial accountability and transparency.  Inclusion for this comprehensive evaluation is voluntary by LOL.  (Many charities choose not to open their data to this scrutiny) Because CN evaluates ten times more charities than any of their competitors, they are considered the “leading charity evaluator in America”.  Their intent is to provide donors with essential information, giving them greater confidence in both the charitable decisions that they make and the nonprofit sector.  Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.10.24 PM

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